Spontaneous Post 2

2014-03-28 22:13:25 by DJ-Infinity

Wow my music is so bad on this site... might have something to do with my 15/16 year old self doing much of it... and only having used low quality software... and not producing often to get practice...

Yeah... I apologise for my abominations. If I can ever get my creative side re-energised to work together with my now much better technical side... oh the possibilities...

Spontaneous Post

2012-03-24 18:55:40 by DJ-Infinity

Dunno if any or many will read this but... I've grown up a lot since my last post. I am not dead. Not yet.

Just read my "About You" and you might get what I mean :D

About my music

2009-07-13 15:52:28 by DJ-Infinity

Forget planning ahead, it's a stupid idea.

Also, http://www.syrnia.com/?who=p_Arpaleggi a
Also, gonks.

About my music

Totally Stoopid New Riff & Meme Mix

2009-02-06 16:01:15 by DJ-Infinity

Well, my Avril Lavigne remix is done =D <LINK HERE>
Just gotta TRY and complete my Mylo - 'Drop The Pressure' remix request =)

So I thought I'd set myself the even greater challenge of making a remix of loads of different silly riffs, phrases and memes! XD

These riffs, phrases and memes include:
Pingu ... GOT x 2
BN, BN ... Can anyone find a clean recording? =(
Peanut Butter Jelly Time ... GOT
Addams Family ... GOT
Dukes Of Hazzard ... GOT
This Is Sparta! ... GOT
Bring On The Trumpets ... GOT
Over 9000!!! ... GOT
Witch Doctor ... GOT
Cillit Bang ... GOT
Charlie The Unicorn ... GOT
Dental Plan ... GOT
Hobbits To Isengard ... GOT (borrowed a friend's DVD XD)
Dumb & Dumber ... GOT

Brace yourself now...

Totally Stoopid New Riff & Meme Mix

New DJ name

2008-09-19 17:56:56 by DJ-Infinity

I've decided to change my artist name to DJ InfinityPlusOne as there is already a DJ called DJ Infinity, I wouldn't really like to be though as a copier, which of course I am not, as I chose the name before I discovered it was already taken... lol? I know I can't change my name on here anymore, but it don't matter.

Anyway, I'm going to proceed with my remixes (shown in my last News Post), but every now and again, I'm gonna engage in a more out-of-the-way project. Right now, I've completed my Juggernaut remix and will now work on a Avril Lavigne - Innocent remix =P

So yeah, I'll press on with shit, you can listen, download, give 5'z (please!) and let you enjoy what I make.

Updated remixes

2007-12-26 11:16:40 by DJ-Infinity

I am abandoning the remixes of Pretty Green Eyes and Transformers until I get Cubase, as I want to make them awesome and not use the tired old bass and synths I am currently using from Dance Ejay 7. However, I will proceed in making some 2008 updates to my oldest songs, namely: Bangin', Bring The Noise, Dont F#ck With Me, Must Be A Party & Popcoren.


2007-11-12 13:56:19 by DJ-Infinity

This tune is waaaaay overdue... by a month! (college work sucks)

Anyway its finally done! Hope you love it!

Let Me Take You - FINISHED!!!!!... if you like too much bass lol...

For those of you who don't, here's the less bass-y version Let Me Take You (ReEQd)


New choooooonz!!!!

2007-09-05 17:39:54 by DJ-Infinity

Hi. Im makin' a new tune. It will be based upon the demo I have submitted he-ar. Enjoy!

Let Me Take You (UnF)

Psshh... I don't really have much else to say, soooooo....

Oh ya... Here's a phrase I know will be familiar to you :)

New choooooonz!!!!