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Hi Parlux,
I quite recently produced a remix of sorts of Baker Street as well featuring Syntheticsax, and thought I'd check out the competition; pretty damn good, I'd say!
The only thing that puts me off is how loud the echo on the sax hook is, but apart from that, this is some lovely work, 6 years on too :)

Your voice sounds excellent, really fitting the part of a gritty, whiskey drinkin' warrior, or at least, that's the character I envision. A great persona for a Fallout narrator in any case.

For criticism, there are minor details I would like to put forth:
• The audio quality sounds half-way between a studio microphone and a Skype chat (I'm guessing that's because you used a radioactive potato? haha) - use a higher quality microphone if you are able
• Only a couple or few times can I hear what sounds like your tongue smacking from the inside of your mouth - if you can, try keeping your mouth a bit drier to alleviate the sound, as the presence of saliva can make the smacking louder and more common
• Only once I think did I hear a word end on a breath, but to me it sounded unfitting; I would think breath or breathing in voice acting is used better only to convey emotions and/or a character doing or having done some action
• There are a few instance where you seem to short-cut the pronunciation of words, e.g. "forgotten" became "forgah-un" - try pronouncing them fully each time, or if that feels to cumbersome at times, merge them into other words so they roll better of the tongue

Having done in a single take as well, much kudos.
Hope I've been constructive for you :)

deathink responds:

Yeah man, you are spot on in ALL the criticism. Sadly I only have a turtle beach head set, which is why I usually never upload voice stuff.
Anyway, thank you very much for your well thought out criticisms, and thank you very much for the tips.

Great new style

This sounds pretty amazing!

I especially love this bold move of experimenting with the genre of dubstep.

Brilliant work =)


This kinda awesome shizz makes me glad there's a category for it on NG!

Love it! A perfect combination of soft singing & hard bass!

Aydin-Jewelz123 responds:

Wicked; glad you enjoyed it!

You know what...

I always thought I liked dubstep first time I heard it.

Now... I fookin love it!


mr-jazzman responds:

Awesome man! Glad you love it now! =D

Nice track

This is a really good track. The composition and sound are all within the realm of happy hardcore. A really good rave track. The only thing that dissapointed me about this entire track was the lack of BASS! I know there is a bass sound there, but it doesn't have enough deepness to it, nor does the kick. I do like the reverse effect to the bass sound though =P

Good track but could do with improvement. Nice work, nontheless =)

SigmaSpore responds:

alright i will take your word and when i fix this thing up, ill make sure to pump up the bass and put more umph in the kick, thanks for the advice i really apreciate it

lol yeah the "reverse" on the bass is just a simple sidechaining effect, easy enough to accomplish, although i did have issues in this track that i couldnt figure out, hopefully i will be able to fix it b4 i give up and call this track finished xD

thanks for reviewing, peace out

Some good Hardstyle...

The only thing that ruined this song was that I think that you compressed the beat in too much, i.e. when the beat started again everything else went too quiet. The voice could also have a higher boost in amplitude.

You've looped it perfectly though, which is awesome XD The beat is also absolutely kickin' hard!

8/10 Cos this song is great, but the kick just overpowers everything. Really nice work! 5/5 Also, cos this song is still too good to take the score down ;)

DjScantron99 responds:

Wow man thanks for that positive response
i think im gonna fix those things and repost
and tell me what you think
thanks for listening
im really happy you like it

Voice acting on a whole new level XD

I have seriously thought about including my own voice, imitating instuments into a song as well, but never as the single instrument used to create it!

This is made of pure epic! The thing that I find most clever about this is not just the fact that you have manipulated your voice in the program in such a way that it sounds good as instumentals, but also to make any phase distortion from the similarities in you voice, completely unoticeable. The is only one complaint however and that is due to the fact that bass is very limited. Other than that, this was completely awesome! XD

This is the most innovative thing I've heard in a long time. 5/5, 9/10!

P.S. Love the pop at 2:53, that was a brilliant touch =P

Hellstick responds:

Yeah, I know:P
It was hard to make a propper bass, but at least I tried. I could easily have tried harder though, but my music program was lagging like hell... You wouldn't understand how slow that damn program was unless you saw it:P That's why i wraped the song up, and uploaded it on ng before it turned me crazy!

Anyway, I'm glad you like it! Being inovative and original were one of my main goals with this song, so I'm glad to hear you think i succeeded in that matter:D

Oh my GAWD!

This is so insane!
A lot about it reminded me of Gammer - The Call (Oli G & Lee UHF 's Ridiculous Remix).

I love the glitchy, distorted, fast-paced and somewhat creepy hardness that you have integrated into this track. Your use of samples is great. Everything is awesome and as it should be =D

I really don't know what else to say here. Excellent work here dude! 5/5

P.S. And you say you can never quite get your kicks as punchy as mine??? XD

Hellstick responds:

Ha ha, oh wow:P It's been a while since I heard that track, and I gotta admit I had forgot all about it XD
I can see why you think they somehow sounds like eatch other though:P Especially in the beginning...
ANYWAY, I'm glad you like it. I honestly thought most people would ram the 0 button and leave me reviews with verry low scores. But I guess I was wrong:P

The glitchy and distorted sounds are there on purpose. Good thing you think they're suitible:P However I wish now that i'd have used even MORE distortion at some parts:P Mainly at on the kick- it might be punchy enough, but it's not HARD enough:P

FUCK that, I'm happy as long as I can please my listeners^^

"Electric" XD

This is a really good song I have to say.
It would definitely make a very good boss fight track. I really like how you have time-stretched and given a wierd echo to the amen break too. Very unique. That breaking riff that starts at about 0:37 and ends at about 0:47 is really cool to.

For some reason this song reminded me of Columns for the Megadrive/Genesis. I know it was last year and all, but still... good work here =)

Trying to make good music

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