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There is...


A white screen?



fiveoclock responds:

wtf yes there is ever1 knows if the is a white screen close it and play a gain........................... dude wtf

Well, well... What can I say about this?

This game is a fairly average one, but it could be a VERY good one. The graphics and sounds are generally very good and well placed, no complaints with them. The gameplay however, is the issue I'd like to elaborate on.

1. It does stay true to the general style of gameplay from the very first Fear Unlimited, which was familiar and comfortable. However, at times a just find myself floating in the air unable to move at all except down. The enemies also are able to hit me while I am attacking them, which is very annoying, cos that means I get knocked down to the floor and they can all too easily kill me. Also, when using the evade manuvoures, I can sometimes still be hit. If they are evading manuvoures, then perhaps I should be invinsible for the short time I use them? In addition, I have no actual means of defending myself, i.e. no blocking move.

2. The system of collecting flames is flawed also. There does not seem to be enough of them and they take ages to let you pick them up, by which time the next set of enimies have already appeared. The fact that you can also just "Begin", deliberatly die, then instantly receive another 450 flames as a bonus, which gets very boring. Whatever gives me the extra 100, i don't know. The grades you earn from doing well, seem to get you no where with earning more flames, nor does the "Stylish points". When I do get enough of these flames to upgrade weapons, I upgrade and there seems to be no visible addition to their power ingame.

These are really the only things wrong with the game. To make this review helpful, I have some suggestions on how to solve these problems:
1a. Allow the release from movement entrapment in the air
1b. Make attack priority random or neutral
1c. Give about a 3 second grace period (invincibility) after being knocked down or hit twice, to stay more inline with classic games
1d. Give complete invulnerablity when using evade manuvoures
1e. Add blocking move which disallows enemy to knock you down or cause much damage while using it. With this, allow a link to using evade moves

2a. Make flames instantly pick-up-able
2b. Make these flame pick-ups more abundant by about 150% and remove the automatic bonus of 450 or 550 flames for playing and replace the bonus one that is sufficient to fulfill the rewards of grades and points obtained
2c. Give weapons stats which clearly increase and affect the amount of damage they cause when leveling them up

That's all really. As I have already said, graphics and sound are not an issue, they are awesome. Overall, it was just the gameplay and system that let this game down.

Not too bad, but has the potential to be a much greater game. 6/10

= DJ-Infinity+1 =

I have a dilemma with this one...

I'll make no bones about it! This game is amazing! The weapons are awesome (except for blowgun, that kinda sucks =/), the secondary weapons features are very useful, the gameplay is great and the style of gameplay is exactly what I have been looking for all my life. The graphics are good too... however, they are too good. My computer has 3.2GHz or processing power and 1Gb RAM, yet this game lags so much, I cannot react in time to shoot or move in the direction I want at the time I want, even though I switched off the music, sound fx and graphics to their lowest.

I think you just need to revise the ergonomics of this game, to make it more compatible with the majority of computers of users. Please, just create a "lite" version of this game where the dead guys don't flop like retards for 4 seconds and where we have a lot more options to optimise gameplay to basically reduce lag.

Keep the rest of the game as it is, but please just sand out some of the graphics to make it run smoother (see what I did there?). Many of us don't care as much about graphics as we do about gameplay, as without gameplay, graphics are useless.

Honestly, I really love this game, I just wanna play it as best as possible. Nice work dudes! Love the game. With the next game though (if there is one) just think: SANDPAPER! =P

An UBER game! [GOOD critisism edition review]

The overall scale and quality of the game is comparable to that of other games which people love such as Newgrounds Rumble and Unreal Flash. Basically, it's a great full game with loads of options which don't bore you after about 30mins of play.

The gameplay itself is very smooth and exciting. I also like the fact that you see the move even when it misses, unlike on the Pokemon games which were cheap in that way.

The voice acting, is also very good, but at times, can sound very fake and over-done... btw, love the campness of the baron, that was quite humourous; "Scratchy bitch"; Lovely touch!

There is a good choice of classes to choose from, good options, such as armour, attacks & spells, and all that kinda gumph, which forces you to use tactics instead of just blowing away the enemy. This was proven to me when the Igniter decided to use the move "Fate" on me... 1 turn, "boom!" 9999 on my ass!

Right, there are just a few things that bugged me:
1. I've noticed that you cannot gain the poison abilty, fate ability or quite a few other abilties that the CPU has making some of the armour near useless to me in comparison to my teammates and some moves less effective for me, although I may not have explored the game enough.
2. I've noticed a misspelling on the abilities' info for "Wound" where it says 'They' instead of 'The' (tedious, I know lol)
3. The ability "Block" can have 3 ability points dedicated towards it, but I have not seen any improvement in the ability from the info
4. You can toggle JUST the music or sound FX, you have to get rid of both
5. Oh, yeah. I know i wasn't suppose to and it was stupid, but if I have no weapon, I still hit the enemy as if I have

That's about it I think. The game is really fun as it is now, but some tweeks can make it worthy to sell! Keep up the awesome work guys!

Does this count?

Opening the window and moving you mouse to the finish place before it loads =o)

It's very good because I don't think there is any other way to get there... apart from doing it honestly.

Great game!!!! ^-^

But I am a bit of a noob... i am scared of dying for some reason T_T...

Still, awesome game! Graphics are awesome, the concept of gameplay is brilliant and it gets the brain goin' =D

Very good...

Some stuff I actually did not know in there...

This is great way to make people take more notice. Well done.

Little-Rena responds:

Yeah, that was the aim, so you would learn, lol thanks :P


My freakin' wrist!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Good game lol. Got a bit repetitive after a few minutes tho =/ or maybe im just in a wierd mood...
Good game thooo! ^.^

Awesome game!

Personal best: 133739! (Omg i am leet39! ^.^)
My max high was about 8000

I found a kinda secret too; i you shoot your alien directly down, you will find a crane and bomb right underneath him!

This game is simply great, i just hate those thunderbolt clouds. It is also a shame that you can't rebuild you stamina aswell.

Regardless, I present you with 10/10! Awesome game!


I have no sense of multi-directional... something...

Nice game! lol i won't play it for too long or ill piss myself off =P

Trying to make good music

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