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Now that's something you don't see everyday!

Unusual and definitely artistic. Seemingly original too. I like! =)

P.S. Lol chainsaw face!

Good, but needs adjustments

You definitely need a some sound in this flash.
This is ok, but to make it better, I would just suggest... more practice and development in your skills as a flash artist =)

I was unsure

At first, when I saw something this simple and possibly spam-tastic, I was like...
But then I watched it was like...
All because a circle went "uhnnnnnnnn" while bobbing up and down.

Lol very good. I guess it's true that some of the simpliest things are also the best.

Not exactly madness...

All the graphics are great. Gunshots were also in good sync. That's really all I could find good about this. To me it just looks like a guy with a semi-automatic weapon, walking foward, stopping, then shooting people.

I'm sure you already know how this could be improved, but I'm gonna tell you just from what I've seen here:
- Make them move more, and bring in at least 3 enemies at a time that all have a weapons. Make them charge at the protagonist and let hiim do back-flips and shit =P That's madness!
- Make it much, much longer... and please don't loop it, cos looped animations normally suck like Dysons
- I don't remember any of them screaming when they were shot, perhaps you could get some of those kinda sounds in there, unless of course they are all mute and/or like being shot in the face and body
- Look at the original Madness animations and other madness based animations like Bunnykill. Those are the kinda thing that people are looking for from these animations... perhaps you could even improve on them? I'd recommend having almost everyone shooting at the protagonist while he dodges all the bullets, instead of every enemy walking in, pointing the gun, waiting to get shot =P

There's my critismsmsms. See how you can improve. I look forward to your next madness submission =D

8= DJ-I =8

One of the best things I've EVER seen!

This is just pure epicness. I love this, it really made me LOL! Watching this first time I had no idea what to expect, and because of that people are pleasantly surprised. =) Nice work, love this idea!

One thing I can't understand though... if the bear was trying to catch the rabbit, probably to eat him, why did he bother if he had the prunes? O.O


I love these Krinkely shorts. Ever so entertaining they are. They give me a giggle. =D Bring on the Madness!

Nice one!

Dude! These were totally hilarious, and even the ones that didn't make me rofl were really fun to watch. Some of them had unexpected actions, i.e. ways of killing the guy, which a very nice variant.

As I am sure almost every other person who has reviewed this flash has said, I would seriously love to see more of these. An alphabetic series would be awesome! "Don't do this" beginning with 'A', then another episode with ones beginning with 'B' and so on. The simplicity is brilliant as well, as we concentrate on what is happening and not the background.

Awesome flash! It is brilliant, I really hope you make more! =)

p.s. Tell more men to give their lives plz XD


you could just make a flash like this! =D

Nice work, thoroughly enjoyed it ^_^


...one of the best flashes I have seen in a week which were in the top 5!
Great use of the song and great graphics. Brilliant music video for Halloween ^-^


This is quite cool, but the thing that i like the most about this was the music when you d0 t3h R.O.B. ^.^

Im soooo remixing that!! (if im allowed lol)

Very good work... but one thing... 13 MEGS????

lol im gonna watch all these now ^.^ tata!

Am hoping to develop my skills in the art of music production to a high level very soon. I just need the know how and mentality to realise I can only achieve a degree of originality.

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